The most anticipated pc games of 2016

PC gaming is as strong as ever and this year it presents fans with even more entertainment options. Life will be much more entertaining once these few titles come out to bring joy, depth, and communal fun to a community that thrives on thorough fun. But with a lot of titles which were expected this year already out, such as Dark Souls III, Overwatch, and Uncharted 4, what is left for the audience in the second half of the year? Let’s find out:

#5 – Deus Ex: Mankind Divided

This one will battle Dishonoured 2 for a player choice world-building game that will feature both stealth and a good amount of action. Adam Jensen arrives with his nano-technological augmentations to bring order against the Illuminati. Join the action and help the government against this latest attempt at bringing humanity on its knees with a promise of complete chaos.

#4 – World of WarCraft: Legion

The raids are not over yet. Even though Blizzard is losing fans, they are certainly not losing steam. A new expansion is coming out and it will once again feature the Burning Legion and will seek the success of the eponymous expansion. Play as the new Demon Hunter class and up to the increased 110 level cap and save Azeroth once again. And then gather a party and go on a wild hunt for all the bosses the expansion provides.

#3 – The Last Guardian

This game has been on the radar for years now and it keeps bringing people’s hopes up each year it is expected. The relationship between boy and creature still demands a crowd and maybe this year we will finally get to uncover its details and secrets. The only reason why it is on such a low position is because all the promises that have been made and then our hopes have been crushed by the latest delay in the game’s release.

#2 – Kingdom Hearts 3

Another long awaited game, Kingdom Hearts 3 has to end the trilogy that was started so long ago. The story of Sora, Donald, Goofy, and Riku will maybe finally reach its conclusion once they finally face Xehanorh and find the “Key to Return Hearts”. Will the kingdoms of Disney finally find their peace, or will there be something more targeting them after this huge threat is taken care of? The battle of the keyblades will soon be over, unless there is one more heart-wrenching delay.

#1 – Final Fantasy XV

It’s official, folks. The end is finally over as we finally got the long-awaited release date for Final Fantasy XV – a game in the making for over a decade. SquareEnix is ready to walk the walk after talking the talk for so long and teasing us with gorgeous trailers, dynamic gameplay videos, and finally a demo that made people go off and sit tightly in waiting of this latest instalment of the Final Fantasy series. The game has built up such anticipation and raised all expectations, but will it manage to fulfil its promises to all the gamers?

These are the games that we all await to appear on our PC or console shelves. Once we see them on our screens, the fun may begin, and solely their endings will decide if the anticipation has been just or we were tricked by the merchandise machine once again. Buckle up for the landing and let’s see where this flight has taken us.